Power your business with specialised BPO services you can trust

In a business world where rising overheads and increasingly cumbersome bureaucracy are holding organisations back, Lenfort is dedicated to helping our clients focus on their core missions and save time and money.

Accounts Payable

Timely delivery and reliability

Leverage the industry expertise of our accounting team to manage your business expenses and cut down on expenses and delays.

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Accounts Receivable

Maximise profits and reduce costs

Keep track of the money your business is owed, and get a comprehensive image of your cash-flow.

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Payroll Management

Transparency, reliability and professionalism

Paying your staff on time is a critical aspect of every successful enterprise but with a growing business, this can prove to be a cumbersome task. Lenfort’s got you covered.

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Accounting Technology

Easy, hassle-free

Specialised software solutions to simplify your accounting process.

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Supply Chain

Results-oriented approach

Streamline your logistics and manage your supply chain regardless of complexity.

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Inventory Management

high quality output

Simplify your supply chain with specialised inventory management services: better bottom lines, supply efficiency and flow of goods across your entire supply chain.

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